Campfire Harmony

Our Story

We are wired to connect through storytelling, conversations, and the shared experience of being human. The problem, however, is that while modern technology has made it easier for us to maintain our "surface level" conversations, it has also helped us to drift even further away from the deeper and ancient experience of connecting around a campfire. For any business, brand, or organization, the value of these campfire experiences are the powerful moments of team cohesion, trust, and connection they create. When we're immersed in nature and focused on the conversations, we are free to innovate, bring life to new ideas, and find collective solutions to our most challenging problems. It's time to create global change that's driven by nature, fueled by purpose, and focused on improving the quality of our world's most precious and non-renewable resource: moments.

Our Values

Wellness is a big part of our company’s focus and we strongly believe that nature is a powerful influence in both our physical and mental lives, so we make sure that every step of your journey is nothing but relaxing and restful.

Behind The Scenes

‍WeCamped have spent hundreds of hours scouting for the best campgrounds, providing our campers with the best sceneries, locations, and shades. Our employees have been trained with the best tools and techniques to ensure a quality experience.


‍We are currently located in Orange County, covering O’Neill Campground, Lake Perris Campground, Doheny State Beach Campground and many more to come!

Giving Back is Vital

Every 10 tents rented, we will donate one trip for TEACHERS and one trip for HEALTH-CARE Professionals!