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Lake Perris Recreation Area

“A sparkling jewel and a land of mystery…” – Lake Perris State Recreation Area

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About This Location

Lake Perris itself offers a number of rich activities, including camping, swimming, boating, hiking, horseback riding and cycling, in addition to the nearby Ya-I Heki’ Regional Indian Museum which offers a rich history on the Native American people that once made Lake Perris their home, and displays of local flora and fauna native to the region.

Pet Friendly

Pets are required to be leashed (6 feet or less), caged, or in vehicle and never left unattended. Pets are not allowed on unpaved trails and on the sand (beach areas) because the water is used for municipal drinking water, and not allowed on Allesandro Island or the Bernasconi Beach area. Pets may go on your boat, but can NOT have any body contact with the water at any time.

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